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Is America About To Have Its Own Revolution

For many years it seems as though the US Government has been planning for this very thing. With many FEMA camps established and local police gradually beginning to look more and more like a military force…. are the US public playing straight into the hands of their sinister plan?

Even more nationwide protests have been going on over the last few days, with little to none news coverage over here in the UK or anywhere else in the world it seems.

Is this a true revolution?

Over the last 5 years it has been speculated that the CIA, Mi6 and Mossad created the ‘Arab Spring’, a series of seemingly normal pro-democracy revolutions against oppressive regimes around the Middle East. Beginning in Tunisia, December 2010, it quickly became one of the largest and wide spread revolutions in human history, spreading to Egypt, Algeria, Libya, UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Lebanon and Kuwait. What is very worrying about these revolutions is that although the people of these countries fully believed they were revolting on their own terms, it seems as though there had been heavy influences by Spies and Secret Agents from the CIA, Mi6 and Mossad. It goes with out saying that these revolutions were vastly beneficial to western corporations with many flooding in to post-revolution countries offering ‘aid’ and establishing trade and operations in places they would never have been able to previously. Has any Arab Spring country come out of their revolution better off?


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But the questions is, is the US currently going through its very own TRUE revolution? Although many of the people protesting seem to think that what they are doing is off their own merit and that they are simply standing up for what they believe in, is there an element of orchestration by their very own government? The verdicts by US courts to not convict the police officers in question when they are so obviously guilty, could be seen as an attempt to add fuel to the slow burning fire. As people take to the streets nationwide and make their thoughts known to the US Government, the truth is, a vast majority of patriotic Americans are sat at home watching news reports of the protests, being fed propaganda and having their minds filled with hatred towards the protesters. Seeing angry young Americans fighting police, sandwiched between a McDonalds advert and reports on financial decline. US News does not report the true reasons these people are protesting and how these protests, if truly understood and represented by the American public would ultimately lead to a better police department and judicial system, but instead focus on the damage these protesters are causing. They focus on the negative aspects of the protest, the skirmishes, the looting and depictions of apparent irrational aggression towards their beloved Government.

A similar situation was seen in the UK in 2011. When police shot dead a young man as he stepped out of a car, simply because they thought he was carrying a gun. British youth took to the streets in protest. The situation quickly spiraled out of control and due to years of little hope of a future and consumerism backed by desperate poverty, lead many youths to rampant looting of shops. It didn’t take long for the British media to demonise these protesters and instead of trying to understand what was really happening here, they quickly labelled the protests a Riot.

The current US protests seem to be much more long lasting that the UK Riots of 2011. The implications seem to be much more important. After decades of constant police brutality it seems to be coming to a natural point of conflict. The US Government knows this, so they are preparing for it. They have prepared for it. Videos of police brutality are popping up all over social media at the moment, which will only lend credence to the protesters demands.

I think this is a genuine revolution. A revolution that the US Government are trying desperately to contain. It doesn’t seem so much as a revolution against the government itself but more towards the US Judicial system. The ball is firmly in the US Governments court on this and how they deal with these protests. As seen in Ukraine, all it takes is for a single police officer to make the wrong decision and a revolution against the judicial system could turn very quickly to a revolution towards the government. Something which the US Police force are treading a fine line. After reports of Agent Provocateurs instigating fighting and excessive force being used against the protesters…. it may not be long until the focus is placed firmly on the Government and not the Police.


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So what was the purpose?

It could be argued that the Arab Spring was in fact the very start of the Illuminati’s plan to bring the Arab countries into turmoil before the first proxy wars of WW3 begin. Now for some of you, the very idea of a shadow government planning and orchestrating a third world war may seem completely alien to you, and although complete speculation, as we could never actually prove that this is the case. There does seem to be some serious evidence of manipulation in the middle east, which would ultimately see us enter a third world war. Why? Well, we have all heard the term ‘New World Order’ haven’t we? Well, this is exactly what is being orchestrated. A one world government, one world religion and more importantly a single central banking system. An Orwellian world state would be introduced where a vast majority of people on this planet would be tracked and monitored 24/7 under the guise of ‘Safety’ and anyone who isn’t would be demonised and removed from society or forced to assimilate. Anyway, I digress. This is all very much in the not so distant future. The reason these revolutions have been orchestrated by western secret services is to not only to destablise these countries but to allow corporate companies access to their financial systems and trade by installing western sympathetic leaders while destroying the hardline followers of previous leadership.

A similar purpose could be hypothesized in regard to the current US Protests. The US and UK Governments have already begun their campaign to label Conspiracy Theorists and Freethinkers, “non-violent extremists who are as dangerous as terrorism and should be dealt with in a similar fashion as ISIS’. Yes, that was actually said by the British Prime Minister David Cameron in front of the UN. Seeing as there is a fine line between someone being labelled a revolutionary and someone being labelled a terrorist, their name calling may not be too far from the truth. To them, we are a huge threat. The knowledge we spread could ultimately be the downfall of their long established regimes. So a controlled and well orchestrated protest that turns violent may well be exactly what they need. Could they have orchestrated this whole Mike Brown situation? Why was the Mike Brown case given so much publicity when people are shot by Police everyday in America. Why was this one so important to publicise? Why was the focus on news channels shifted from getting justice for Mike Brown to demonising Mike Brown? Why was protests initially being over reported to now being vastly under reported? Why were Agent Provocateurs seen operating among protesters throwing objects at police?. Are they using the current protests to weed out as many anti government people as they can?

Nobody knows how this will turn out. But I genuinely hope that the US public get behind these protests and make a real difference to their country. I hope the US public don’t become victims of police provocation and have their protest turned into a propaganda tool. Effectively enabling a crack down on anyone who opposes how the law goes about its activities.

The US Government seems to be preparing for something, either its containment of protesters or containment of a national outbreak of decease. What exactly they have been preparing for is yet to be seen. We will keep an eye out for any developments.