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The Complete Illuminati Agenda

“The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy America’s freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizen of this plight.” JFK Right before his death John F. Kennedy tried to warn the people of America about the highly secretive group known as the Illuminati but sadly he never got the chance because his assassination followed shortly there after… In truth this group has had their tentacles in almost every aspect of ...
Conclusive Proof US Government Involvement In 9/11 - CloakedTruth
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Conclusive Proof US Government Involved in 9/11 Attacks

We recently came across what is probably the best and most easily digestible 9/11 documentary yet. This is conclusive evidence framing the US Governments involvement in 9/11. We don’t ask you guys to do this very often, but we genuinely believe that this documentary to be paramount in awakening the world to the deceit and lies of 9/11 and need to spread this Documentary as far as it can possibly go. Please, if you do nothing else but share this ...
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The Five Eyes (FVEYS)

Ever wonder why we often get caught up in worrying about how the US snoops on their public? Well if it is common practice for them you can bet we do it in the UK The secret group, also known as Five Eyes, collects and analyses data from electronic networks around the world for the benefit of exchange between member countries. Beginning in 1946, an alliance of five English-speaking countries (the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand) developed ...
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Global Depopulation – The Full Story

US Government sourced website Deagel predicts that by the year 2025: The population of the US is supposed to DROP 78.2% from 316+ million now to ONLY 69 million people in 2025 Military spending will drop in 10 years from $726 billion dollars to $8 billion GDP per capita will be dropping from $52,838 to $13,328 by 2025? World population will drop to 6.9 billion? Substantial drops in all cases. What do they know?   While the global elite construct ...