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Jade Helm Update – ‘Jade-2 Covert Skynet’

Recently obtained Department of Defense documents reveal the true nature of Jade Helm 2015. They’re testing a new command and control protocol called the Jade-2 System. Analysts describe the Jade-2 System as a highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence network that is “self-aware” and plugged into numerous agencies and monitoring human activity, foreign and domestic… From CCTV to social media networks. It’s purpose is not only military, it is for the entire human domain.

This full spectrum analysis of the Jade-2 Artificial Intelligence System will have you thinking skynet has just arrived. Jade 2 is in command & control of the Jade Helm exercise… we say again, Jade-2 is at the helm and it is fully aware and operational.

What is Jade-2?

“JADE” is an AI quantum computing technology that produces holographic battlefield simulations and has the ability to use vast amounts of data being collected on the human domain, to generate human terrain systems in geographic population centric locations, to identify and eliminate targets, insurgents, rebels or whatever labels that can be flagged as targets in a Global Information Grid for Network Centric Warfare environments.

The JADE II battle field system is cognitive and intuitive. It can examine prior executed battle plans and and devise ‘new and better’ strategies to increase the ‘kill chain’. The II generation of JADE has the capability for two way communication with drones through the OCCOM technology which is one of the next generation integration to this system.

In short, JADE HELM will not be battles directed by Generals and Military Commanders, but by a computer. It is a cognitive software program based on a Network Centric Warfare System at the HELM.


Leaked Raytheon Jade-2 Presentation PDF:





This is BIGGER than huge… and it answers so many questions. This is why the NSA exists, this is exactly what is coming our way, and what we’re being distracted from… We’re talking about predictive A.I. that will take the “chain of command” off the hands of military leaders. Watch the videos, read up on this, because THIS is what’s really behind JADE HELM 15…

“To Master the Human Domain,” means total control of all information on land, sea, air, space and cyber space… That is the goal.