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Million Mask March – No Live Coverage By Mainstream Media

Yesterday the Anonymous organised million mask march took place globally and yet nothing was televised live. Why? Because they had no idea on how to spin this story. Even though directly outside the BBC. Nothing.

The marches were mostly peaceful and only a handful of people were arrested

The Metropolitan police had earlier imposed Section 60AA of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 for a number of hours, which provides powers to remove masks when police fear a crime will be committed

The march was held in places such as Parliament Square, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and The Whitehouse to name but a few

So with thousands of masked people at the gates of Terrorist hotspots it was not considered to be headline news? Not worthy of live coverage? Well what did make the cut?

A burning effigy of Alexander Salmond and a report on last years flooding crisis. Gripping stuff im sure you’ll agree.

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This morning we have been provided with some vague coverage by newspapers and the internet depicting people overthrowing barriers and getting in the face of the police.

Celebrities that attended were Russel Brand and Vivien Westwood.

The Metro’s headline evoked mental images of 1000s of people battling police but later mentioned only 5 were arrested. Although this increases to 10 on the BBC

Types of banners that were shown by MSM were to play down its symbolism.

Vegans againts mcdonalds
Greedy bankers
Anti Paedophilia

Basically nothing on corrupt government or media. Funny that. Only things that have been protested about before.

So where is the coverage? Alternative media as usual




LIVE – Million Mask March floods London streets:http://youtu.be/Eib32B_KH6M

Did you attend the march of know someone that did?

What are your views on this?

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