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Rare 9/11 Footage Contains Uncensored Attacks And Eyewitness Accounts

This rare video filmed during the 9/11 attacks show the raw uncensored and unedited sequence of events following the planes crashing into the world trade center buildings.

What makes the video unique is that the person filming the video captures all 3 building collapses from across the Hudson river. There are no political voice overs, no shaky camera work or editing, and real reactions from those nearby are preserved on film.

Disturbingly, the film also contains the sights and sounds of what appear to be bomb detonations.

This footage starts shortly after the planes hit the buildings. The filmographer captures all 3 buildings collapse from across the Hudson. You have a good view with solid audio from a guy standing on a pier surrounded by loved ones trapped in the buildings.

They stop the film now and again to get the thoughts of the filmographer as he was filming. It is heart wrenching to hear the statements normal people should have been asking themselves and our representatives about this event.

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