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The Robertson Panel – Origins of The Debunker

In 1952 the CIA commissioned the Robertson Panel and is the origins of the debunker.

ATIC (Air Technical Intelligence Center) had received 1500 official UFO reports since 1947, and 250 reports in July alone.

Given that at the time the U.S.S.R posed the biggest threat from the air. The CIA was concerned that the UFO sightings were clogging up the phone lines and potentially increasing the risk of National Security being compromised

The Robertson Panel coined the phrase “Debunking” and suggested that through mass media manipulation and apparent expert interviews, the fascination with UFOs would end and National Security restored. The basis of this was that if you knew how a conjurer did the trick it would be less fascinating. Feeling a fool for speaking about them became the norm. Problem solved.

A group photo of The Robertson Panel. Debunkers, Debunked.

The Robertson Panel with Albert Einstein


Ever since UFOs have been ridiculed and the psychological impact remains. Nobody likes to talk about them through fear of ridicule

It is assumed that the Robertson Panel still exists albeit their members have changed.

Propaganda and slight of hand, suggestion and distraction. All through mass media.

Standard Government practice. Why should UFOs be any different?


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