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The Monsters of Plum Island…

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Plum Island, formerly known as Fort Terry, is an animal facility comprising various labs. FADDL, or the Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab is a diagnostic facility that is a full service diagnostic laboratory receiving samples from around the world.

PIADC, the Plum Island Animal Disease Center comprises various laboratory facilities and studies exotic diseases of animals.

In 1945 Fort Terry was decommissioned and in 1952 the Army Chemical Corps took over Fort Terry with plans to house an animal disease laboratory. Classified documents released in the 1990’s indicated the Army Chemical Corps lab was intended to research deadly viruses that could kill off Soviet livestock.

Plum Island

It was designated a biolevel 5 facility, now mandated by Congress which enabled Plum Island to study and research diseases and vaccines for diseases that would not be allowed in the Continental US.

The factor allowing for this biolevel 5 designation is its island status.

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During the cold war, some believed it was home to a secret biological weapons program involving a former Nazi scientist Erich Traub.

Erich Traub


Erich Traub was the lab chief of Isel Riems, a secret Nazi biological warfare lab. He worked directly for Hitler’s second in charge, Heinrich Himmler. After the war, Traub was recruited by the Soviets and ordered to research germ warfare viruses but in 1949 he escaped to West Berlin and applied for employment in the U.S. under Operation Paperclip.

Years later, it was blamed for the spread of Lyme disease (which was named for a town in nearby Connecticut). 

The Monsters of Plum Island:

Montauk Monster, Plum Island, CloakedTruth

Montauk Monster, Plum Island, CloakedTruth

They have just relocated Kansas. As with any high profile military installation. If it is being moved or decommissioned you can bet its the exact opposite and is raising its game

Others believe that they are creating human hybrids such as the Humanzee or super soldiers what do you think?

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