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UN Warns: The world has 60 days to defeat Ebola

Ebola Victim, UN, WW3

The UN says “The Ebola outbreak must be controlled within 60 days or else the world faces an “unprecedented” situation for which there is no plan”.*

Epidemic, Pandemic… Plague. Whatever you desire to call it is what Ebola has the potential to be. Ebola is a horrific, painful an evil disease that has already taken the lives of over 4,000+ people. It doesn’t care if you are wealthy, poor, an adult or a child. It wants you. It’s similar to many of the hemorrhagic viruses that exist in the world. It’s transmitted mostly by contact with just about ANY bodily fluid whether the patient is alive or passed on. It does not necessarily need to enter through a cut or injury to the skin. Once it’s there it needs between 13 and 25 days to incubate, then, the symptoms start to pop out. You might think you have the flu or Lyme disease (which has become a common problem in the USA these days) and then it all hits at once and takes you down. The disease itself isn’t going to get you like MERSA or cancer would but, the symptoms will. Severe fever, painful joints, vomiting and all the worst feelings you can imagine. There is no cure that we the Anonymous know of.

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If you have been paying attention from the beginning of the situation in Liberia and the surrounding areas, the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) has been almost pleading and hounding the United Nations and all of its members to take this whole deal seriously. It also seemed to fall on deaf, arrogant ears.  The W.H.O has now gone on record to say that within 60 days of October 1st, 2014, a minimum of 70% of the infected people need to be in a care facility and 70% of burials need to be kept up on safely and without chance of infecting new patients or we will be into a situation that we may not get out of. Not we as in the USA or the UK or Africa…”WE” as in the world. There could be an acceleration of the infection rate of up to 10,000 new cases per week. Yes, per…week.

One would think that with all of the technological wonders developed since the Black Death occurred around 1348 we would have this all in a wrapper. Fear should be driving all of us to a point of making this affliction extinct. Even though they are not very similar in virology, the Black Death killed off approximately 25% of the world’s population… right around 100 million people. In their defense, the people of that era had no clue. Fast forward to 2014. We have gained knowledge beyond the wildest dreams of the 1400’s population; nothing like that can ever happen again… Oh, hello Ebola. I see you are working overtime and taking advantage of every misstep.

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Since it’s way too late to be proactive all we can do is react and even that seems to be slow. The United Kingdom was one of the first to act by screening people and restricting travel from that area of the world where it all seemed to start (maybe to avoid a movie plot like “28 days later”**). Europe seems to be stuck in a void of disbelief if you judge by the little information the media has provided us. Then we have the arrogance of the US government and the CDC (center for disease control), purposely bringing infected patients onto the soil to “test” a possible vaccine…yeah, ok more quality decisions by an unreliable leadership. Too bad no one has thought of wiggling in to visit some of these big Pharm. companies to see what’s happening instead of servers like google and Target.

Conspiracy theories anyone?  Typically this disease was most active in places where sanitation and hygiene are not the best. HOW did it become so strong as to get past the cleanliness of US and other hospitals to infect workers? WHY are infected patients purposely being moved around and into dangerously high populated areas?  WHEN will our governments stop forming committees to point fingers and do what needs to be done? This whole scenario seems to parallel the mysterious explosion of AIDS in the 80’s. It’s as if it was finally “perfected” and got loose.

To keep in sync with the conspiracy end of things… lastly, we have what I’ll call “the deceivers”. I cannot even imagine the fear that some people feel after simply thinking they may have been exposed to this virus. There’s no doubt that fear can make you do abnormal things. Thomas Duncan allegedly lied in not one but, three separate Ebola screenings at airports. Did he? The world will never know. Was it Fear? Ignorance? Maybe he just didn’t want to be delayed. Was he paid to do it? He supposedly knew exactly what the face of Ebola looked like and still said nothing. Can we chalk it up to selfishness or perhaps the “it’ll never happen to me” thought? That’s a possibility too.  These things being said; Ladies and gentlemen, Anonymous of all ages, races and creeds listen up! The fairytale thinking is no longer the privilege it’s been taken as. The governments can’t stop this, the religions can’t stop this, bullets can’t stop this. The only way it stops is if ALL people do their part. It starts with simple things like washing hands and covering your face when you sneeze and cough. Be afraid of this but, use common sense and protect yourself, your family and fellow Anonymous. Stop and THINK about your travel plans, your decisions, your exposures.  KNOW what is happening around you and have a plan to be able to isolate yourself of safely evacuate if that time arrives.

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