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Who are the Ebens? And whats The Yellow Book?

EBE, Project Serpo, Zeta Reticuli, Alien Agenda, Exchange

Project Serpo, The Grays, Alien, Encounters, Conspiracy Theory, Yellow Book


EBE – extraterrestrial biological entity.

The EBENS are a group of EBEs commonly known as the greys.

Project Serpo is the name of an alleged top-secret exchange program between the United States government and an alien planet called Serpo.

This formed inspiration for Steven Spielbergs Close Encounters of the third kind.

Details of the alleged exchange program have appeared in several UFO conspiracy stories

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Zeta Reticuli Star Map

Zeta Reticuli Star Map – Click for full size


The Yellow book was allegedly brought to Earth and presented to the U.S. government at the famous Holloman AFB landing in April 1964 by female Ebe #2 which was also translated by her.

It is an 8 x 11 inch object and approximately 2 ½ inches thick that is constructed of a clear, heavy fiberglass-type material. The border of the book is a bright yellow, hence “The YELLOW BOOK.”

When you place the book close to your eyes, you will begin seeing words and images flashing before you.

Depending on the particular language you are thinking, that particular language will appear. So far, the USG has identified 80 different languages.

Do you believe in Aliens? Have any experiences or just think that project Aquarius and all its associated projects are an elaborate hoax to distract us?

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